Headland believe in the power of collaboration. Good reputations give businesses the legitimacy to create the conditions and opportunities to thrive financially, socially, and environmentally, even in challenging times. We believe that reputations are built on purposeful relationships with all stakeholders, and they happen by design. Through a method and culture of collaboration amongst our experts, we shine a light on all perspectives and help businesses act on those insights. Those actions provide the impetus for powerful communications and give rise to reputations that put our clients in control of their futures.


The Ipsos Corporate Reputation team helps organisations build resilient reputations and stronger relationships. Our approach is tailored and carefully designed to meet each client’s individual needs, and our research directly drives business performance. Our solutions include:

  • Measuring reputation performance relative to peers
  • Identifying the drivers that create reputational value
  • Defining the stakeholders that influence reputation
  • Shaping a stakeholder engagement strategy
  • Building communications campaigns and measuring impact
  • Understanding future opportunities and risks around reputation
  • Measuring the impact of and responding to a crisis
  • Consultancy to clarify the actions necessary to deliver on strategic objectives

We provide specialist research and guidance that helps organisations strengthen their reputation capital – the ability of a brand to command preference in the marketplace – and optimise its relationships across its stakeholders. If you’d like to chat, or for more information about measuring and managing your organisations reputation, please reach out to us: reputation@ipsos.com


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